The tech hub may be new, but Sensi is not.

Sensi Tech Hub grew out of Sensi’s SMS programme, a toll-free interactive SMS programme successfully run in response to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.

The programme enabled people to gain access to info on Ebola through SMS as well as receive important updates on curfews, disease outbreaks and recovery efforts. Alongside this, we developed a network of 25 community-based reporters who delivered innovative youth-focused health promotion messages to their communities via mobile phones, and reported on issues affecting their communities.

Now, through the Tech Hub, and our incubation and ICT consultancy programmes, we aim to build further innovative approaches to social challenges, and to grow private sector resilience in Sierra Leone.

Ebola Can be Prevented


The Green Resilient Capacity Project is a network of entrepreneurs who believe that universal access to clean energy is the key to a brighter, cleaner future for Sierra Leone.
They will combats poverty, climate change & complement the efforts of the Government and provide access to Luci’s solar lights in the most remote regions of Sierra Leone & to eradicate the kerosene lamp and lights that are powered by batteries.
Providing hospitals/clinics, schools, street traders in both the rural and urban areas with access to solar lights.


Sensi’s coding programme provides training to young people from different communities to empower them to write computer codes, to prepare young people for the digital age by providing them the platform where they can have access to resources needed for coding and programming.
The programme will last for three months, covering the introductory aspect of programming (Java and python) for the first phase of this project. We believe by providing effective training to these young people, it will empower them to build a tech community in Sierra Leone.


The main purpose of this project is to help educate young Sierra Leoneans on issues surrounding businesses through radio drama and live discussion programs. It will target youths in different communities who lack the skills and knowledge in doing their own business, this could help reduce poverty rate among youths.
It will include professional journalists from different radio stations and business experts from institutions, to rebuild and capacitate the skills of young business entrepreneurs after Ebola in other to help reduce the level of poverty rate among young people.


John Obey Community is located in the rural District of Freetown at the Waterloo District Council. The community has an inhabitant of over two thousand – the majority being youth. Their main source of livelihood of the villagers is sand mining. John Obey Beach is one of the beaches that are not on a ban for sand mining in Sierra Leone. The Village has a nice view; flank by mountain and beaches on each side with vegetation around it; the environment is natural.

The vision is to build an ecotourism centre that will attract both local and international people. This will help advance economic, recreation and physical activity in John Obey while addressing their social challenges.


Sensi is developing an app that allows people to choose their ride and set their location. They will see their rider’s picture and bike details, and can track their arrival on the map. Customers can also reward riders for safe riding and great customer service via the rating function in the app.

Sensi provided Saful limited with helmets for both the pillion and the rider. Sensi provided them personalized reflective jacket for each driver to improve visibility and safety.


Adolescent girls/women in Sierra Leone face all sorts of obstacles when it comes to access to ICT, one of the most constraints which make it difficult for women to have access to ICT is lack of educational technology and financial support.
The Empowerment of adolescent girls/Women in technology is socially and economically viable by ensuring that they have access to, and control over, resources through a sustained process of mobilization and convergence of all the on-going techno-managerial on- the-job training programs. One way to reverse this trend is to encourage girls and women, to take up an ICT-related career


WeOwnTV is a vibrant media organization based in Freetown, Sierra Leone that provides training for young people in the multimedia discipline. This organization operates its programs at the media training center supported by grants from Sensi Tech Innovation Hub.

The goal of the project is to train 18 professional Film and Media Makers to help grow and support the media literacy, civic awareness and engagement, digital production skills that facilitate workforce development in Sierra Leone.

Work Salone

In this event, employers and job seekers come together for mutual benefit, where the event itself provides an employment strategy to fast-track the meeting of job seekers and employers.

The Work Salone Employment Speed Date will be a single day event in Freetown, Makeni, Bo, Port Loko, Kenema and Waterloo between 2017 and 2018. Events will be held at college campuses or events halls with a booth for each employer. At the front of each booth will be a table displaying company brochures and information.


A world without waste. A world where people do not die because of pollutions.
To create a 100% efficient recycling mechanism for Sierra Leone that removes waste plastic and other rubbish from the environment, thereby improving sanitation and reducing the amount of pollution and related diseases.
To establish a recycling plant in Freetown, Sierra Leone, capable of processing of all of the waste plastics produced by Freetown’s inhabitants, and composting all biodegradable materials in Freetown’s dumps.