Through the services we offer, we want to bring you into Sierra Leone’s tech innovation community. Services which will bring innovation to you, and enable us to sustain our offering to our members. An offering that will enable the building of a new generation of innovative solutions and businesses in Sierra Leone to fuel growth and prosperity.

Come to us for:

  • ICT consultancy services , providing employment for talented Members and ICT solutions for you, from software development, to data collection/management, to mobile apps.
  • Social change. Sensi aims to be an agent of social change. Contact us to deliver tech-orientated projects with a social impact, thereby positively transforming communities.
  • Hiring a creative events/workshop space for up to 50 people, with catering & bar facilities
  • Hiring one of two meeting rooms for 5-6 people
  • Renting open-plan, dedicated, office space, as part of our business membership package.
  • Viewing and buying the work of some of Sierra Leone’s most talented artists and designers.

ICT CONSULTANCY from the heart of Sierra Leone's tech innovation community

Like this website? It was designed and built in-country by talented young members of Sensi Tech Hub; members who are also building an app to manage our membership, events space and programmes.

This is an indication of the quality of ICT solutions we can bring to you. Solutions that have impact; that can accelerate the effectiveness of your workplace and your programmes.

We work frequently with businesses, but, as a social enterprise, are particularly interested in developing solutions that bring social change, to positively transform lives and communities. Click here for some examples.

HIRE THE MOST OPEN & CREATIVE EVENTS SPACE IN TOWN to inspire productivity in your meetings

Tired of using the same-old hotel conference and meeting rooms for your events? Sensi provides a cost-effective, creative, alternative, that will inspire attendees.

 With space for up to 50 people, our flexible co-working space enables you to set-up your event how you best like – round-table, U-shape or theatre-style – with access to wi-fi, a PA system, projectors, TV screens and flipcharts to get the results you need.

 You can hire the whole space, half of it, or one of our two meeting rooms for smaller numbers. Or, through our business membership package, you can rent an open-plan, dedicated, office-space on a month-by-month basis for just Le 610,000 p/m.

 We can arrange catering for any event, too, to save you time and hassle. If it is a social event, we have a bar. Being Sensi, we are supporting a start-up catering company as well.

VISIT OUR SHOP showcasing the work of some of the most talented Sierra Leonean artists and craftsmen

Opening in January, our shop will house the much-loved Masanga bags and merchandise, Salone sand bottles and much more.

Watch this space, also, for the work of our very own ‘Mr Francis’, responsible for all the incredible artwork you see around the Sensi Tech Hub.

Ibrahim B Sankoh, Franklin Koroma, Manuel KoromaSensi Members