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A Week of Experiencing Apple’s Vision Pro

by Macky Briones

Apple’s Vision Pro: Pioneering a New Era of Computing

No one alive today witnessed the invention of the printing press, telegraph, and telephone — monumental technologies that reshaped communication. In the last century, few innovations have reached such transformative heights. Against this backdrop, Apple Vision Pro stands out as a unique, integrated hardware and software experience that might just survive the test of time.

The $3,499 price tag on Apple Vision Pro may be painfully expensive and out of reach for most consumers. Despite its cool and useful features, it is not yet a “must-have” product for everyone like the Apple iPhone and iPad. However, the product offers a glimpse of what the future may hold, even if it takes a decade or more to become mainstream.

Weight, utility, and fit are subjective matters that vary among users. While some may find the headset heavy or unpleasant, others may find it comfortable. The initial launch of Apple Vision Pro went smoothly, but the availability of native apps will be crucial for its success.

Apple Vision Pro is the company’s first device for spatial computing, offering boundless possibilities in its infancy. The R1 CPU, external cameras, and sensors create a three-dimensional space within the displays, providing an immersive experience. The high pixel density ensures sharp visuals, making it appear as though there are two postage-stamp-sized monitors inside the headset.

Although Vision Pro provides a stunning perspective, users will notice a room being brighter when the headset is removed. The displays do not completely fill the headset, leaving a black border around the field of view. Nevertheless, Vision Pro’s processing power allows it to run powerful applications with ease.

Future iterations of Vision Pro may include a newer processor and improvements in software and firmware updates. Apple’s visionOS platform has limitless possibilities, and the company’s learnings from daily consumer use will influence future releases.

In conclusion, Apple Vision Pro pioneers a new era of computing with its spatial computing functionality. By seamlessly integrating digital content into the physical world, it revolutionizes human-computer interaction and opens new possibilities in various industries. As this technology evolves, it has the potential to reshape the way we work, learn, and play, marking a significant innovation in the history of computing.


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