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Android Auto: New feature alerts drivers to restricted apps

by Chris Mendez

Android Auto parked apps feature finally makes it possible to use certain apps while parked

Google has finally brought a long-awaited feature to Android Auto that allows users to access and use certain apps while parked. The new parked apps feature allows drivers to use apps such as YouTube Music, Spotify, and NPR One while stationary, providing more flexibility and convenience for users.

The parked apps feature was first spotted in April, but it has taken several months for Google to officially roll out the feature to Android Auto users. Previously, Android Auto restricted the use of apps to prevent distractions while driving, but the addition of the parked apps feature offers a compromise for users who want to access certain apps while not on the road.

With the parked apps feature, users can access a limited selection of apps when the vehicle is not in motion. This includes music streaming apps like YouTube Music and Spotify, as well as news and podcast apps like NPR One. While the selection of apps is currently limited, Google may expand the list of supported apps in the future.

To use the parked apps feature, users simply need to ensure that their phone is connected to their vehicle’s Android Auto system. Once the vehicle is parked, users can access the supported apps through the Android Auto interface on their dashboard. This allows for easy and convenient access to music, news, and podcasts while stationary.

The addition of the parked apps feature is a welcome change for Android Auto users who have been requesting the ability to use certain apps while parked. While safety is always a priority, the option to access music and news apps while stationary provides more flexibility for users who may need to pause and resume their entertainment during a journey.

Google continues to improve and update Android Auto with new features and enhancements to provide a better user experience for drivers. The parked apps feature is just one of the latest additions to the platform, and Google is expected to introduce more updates and improvements in the future.

Overall, the addition of the parked apps feature to Android Auto is a positive development for users who want more control over their entertainment options while on the road. By allowing access to certain apps while parked, Google is giving users more flexibility and convenience without compromising safety.


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