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Bending Spoons App Developer Shows Interest in Vimeo

by Chris Mendez

Vimeo, the popular video platform owned by IAC, is drawing interest from potential buyers including app developer Magisto. According to sources familiar with the matter, Magisto has reached out to Vimeo to explore a potential acquisition deal. This news comes on the heels of reports that IAC is looking to sell Vimeo in a deal that could value the company at $300 million or more.

Vimeo has gained a strong foothold in the online video market, known for its high-quality content and user-friendly interface. The platform has over 200 million users worldwide and generates revenue through subscriptions, advertising, and licensing fees. Despite facing tough competition from giants like YouTube, Vimeo has managed to carve out a niche for itself in the crowded online video space.

Magisto, on the other hand, is a popular app that allows users to create and edit videos on their mobile devices. The app uses artificial intelligence to automatically edit videos, making it easy for users to create professional-looking content with minimal effort. Magisto has attracted over 100 million users and has partnerships with major companies like Google and Intel.

The potential acquisition of Vimeo by Magisto could help both companies expand their reach and offerings. For Magisto, acquiring Vimeo would provide access to a large user base and a well-established brand in the online video market. This could help Magisto attract more users and advertisers to its platform, boosting its revenue and growth potential.

For Vimeo, being acquired by Magisto could provide the resources and expertise needed to compete more effectively with rivals like YouTube. Magisto’s AI-powered video editing technology could help Vimeo enhance its platform and offer new features to users. Additionally, Magisto’s partnerships with major companies could open up new opportunities for Vimeo to generate revenue and expand its business.

However, it remains to be seen whether a deal between Vimeo and Magisto will materialize. Both companies have not yet commented on the reports of the potential acquisition. It’s possible that other buyers could also express interest in acquiring Vimeo, given its strong brand and user base.

Overall, the news of Magisto’s interest in acquiring Vimeo highlights the ongoing consolidation in the online video market. As competition heats up and user preferences evolve, companies are looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and drive growth. A potential deal between Vimeo and Magisto could signal a new chapter for both companies and the online video industry as a whole.


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