College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences

The College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences is a reputable institution known for its commitment to providing quality education and training in the field of healthcare. With a strong focus on preparing students for careers in paramedicine, allied health professions, and related fields, the college prides itself on offering a diverse range of programs, resources, and opportunities for its students.

The college has a rich history and background that dates back several decades, with a legacy of excellence in education and research within the healthcare industry. Its longstanding reputation as a leader in paramedical and allied health sciences has attracted students from around the world seeking to pursue their academic and career goals within this dynamic field.

Accredited by recognized organizations and affiliated with reputable institutions, the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences maintains high standards of academic quality, ensuring that its programs meet the requirements for professional practice and licensure. This accreditation and affiliations contribute to the college’s esteemed reputation among employers, professionals, and other academic institutions.

At the heart of the college are its diverse programs offered across various disciplines within paramedicine and allied health sciences. These programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience necessary to excel in their chosen career paths, whether they aspire to become paramedics, medical laboratory technologists, occupational therapists, or any other allied health professional.

The faculty and staff at the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences are distinguished experts in their respective fields who are dedicated to providing students with mentorship, guidance, and support throughout their academic journey. Their expertise plays a vital role in shaping the educational experiences of students by delivering comprehensive instruction tailored to meet the demands of today’s healthcare industry.

Moreover, the college boasts state-of-the-art facilities and resources that offer students access to cutting-edge equipment, laboratories, clinical settings, research opportunities, and other essential tools for learning. These resources are instrumental in enhancing student learning experiences through hands-on training that prepares them for success in their future careers.

History and Background of the College

The College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences has a rich history and a solid background in providing top-notch education and training in the field of healthcare. Established in 1985, the college has been at the forefront of producing highly-skilled professionals who excel in their respective fields. It was founded with the vision of meeting the growing demand for qualified paramedical and allied healthcare professionals.

The college has continuously evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of the healthcare industry. It started with just a few programs but has expanded its offerings to include a wide range of academic programs that cater to different specialties within the paramedical and allied health sectors. The growth of the college is attributed to its commitment to delivering quality education, fostering research initiatives, and forging strong partnerships with healthcare institutions.

Throughout its history, the college has garnered recognition for its excellence in education and training. It has received several accreditations from reputable accrediting bodies, ensuring that its programs meet high standards of quality. Additionally, it maintains affiliations with esteemed professional organizations and industry partners to stay abreast of developments in healthcare practices.

As part of its history and background, the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences takes pride in its alumni who have made significant contributions to their respective fields. Many graduates have gone on to become leaders, innovators, and advocates for improved healthcare delivery. Their success stories serve as a testament to the college’s dedication to producing competent professionals who make a positive impact on society.

The college’s legacy is built on a strong foundation that values academic rigor, practical experience, and ethical integrity. Its unwavering commitment to upholding these principles has established it as a premier institution for paramedical and allied health education. As it looks towards the future, the college aims to continue expanding its academic offerings, enhancing research opportunities, and furthering its contributions to advancements in healthcare practices.

History Background
Established in 1985 Premier institution for paramedical and allied health education
Continuous evolution to meet changing needs Strong partnerships with healthcare institutions
Recognition for excellence in education and training Commitment to producing competent professionals

Accreditation and Affiliations

The College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences takes great pride in its accreditation and affiliations, which are a testament to the high-quality education and training offered by the college. This section will delve into the various accrediting bodies that have recognized the college, as well as the affiliations it has with other institutions and organizations.


The College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences is proud to be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). This accreditation signifies that the programs offered by the college meet rigorous educational standards and prepare students to excel in their chosen fields. Additionally, the college is also accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) for its clinical laboratory science program.


The college has strong affiliations with several renowned healthcare institutions, hospitals, and research facilities. These affiliations provide students with valuable opportunities for internships, clinical rotations, and hands-on learning experiences. Through these partnerships, students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and can learn from experienced professionals in their respective fields.

Professional Organizations

In addition to accreditation and institutional affiliations, the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences is affiliated with professional organizations such as the American Medical Association (AMA), American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT), and National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT). These affiliations not only enhance the academic experience but also provide networking opportunities for students to connect with professionals in their desired fields.

The college’s commitment to maintaining these accreditations and affiliations demonstrates its dedication to providing a comprehensive education that meets industry standards. Students can be confident that they are receiving a top-tier education that will prepare them for successful careers in paramedical and allied health sciences.

Programs Offered

The College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences offers a wide range of programs designed to prepare students for careers in various healthcare fields. The college is committed to providing high-quality education and hands-on training that equips graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen profession.

One of the flagship programs offered at the college is the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). This program is designed to prepare students for a career as a registered nurse and includes both classroom instruction and clinical rotations in healthcare settings. The BSN program at the college is known for its rigorous curriculum, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art simulation labs that provide students with real-world experience.

In addition to the BSN program, the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences also offers programs in medical laboratory technology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, radiology technology, respiratory therapy, and emergency medical services. These programs are all designed to meet the growing demand for skilled professionals in the healthcare industry and provide students with the opportunity to specialize in a specific area of healthcare.

The college also offers certificate programs for individuals looking to enter the healthcare field quickly or enhance their existing skills. These certificate programs cover a variety of topics such as phlebotomy, medical coding and billing, EKG technology, and pharmacy technician training. These programs are popular among working professionals who are seeking to advance their careers or transition into a new healthcare-related role.

Overall, the programs offered at the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences are diverse and comprehensive, allowing students to pursue their passion for healthcare while gaining valuable skills that will prepare them for successful careers in this rewarding field. With dedicated faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and hands-on training opportunities, graduates are well-equipped to make a meaningful impact on patient care upon completing their studies at the college.

Faculty and Staff

The College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences is proud to have a dedicated team of faculty and staff who are committed to providing high-quality education and support to our students. Our team is composed of experienced professionals who are experts in their respective fields, ensuring that students receive the best possible education and training.

Our faculty members are highly qualified and hold advanced degrees in their areas of expertise. They bring with them years of practical experience, which they integrate into their teaching to provide students with real-world knowledge and skills. Our staff members play a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of the college, providing administrative support, career guidance, and counseling services to students.

The faculty and staff at the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences are committed to creating a positive learning environment where students can thrive academically, professionally, and personally. They are passionate about helping students succeed in their academic journey and prepare them for fulfilling careers in the healthcare industry.

Some of the faculty and staff members you will encounter at our college include:

  • Department heads
  • Professors
  • Clinical instructors
  • Academic advisors
  • Career counselors
  • Administrative assistants

Our team is here to support students every step of the way, from academic advising to career placement assistance. We believe that our faculty-student ratio allows for personalized attention and mentorship that fosters student success.

Students studying at the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences

At the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences, we take pride in our faculty’s dedication to teaching excellence and our staff’s commitment to student success. We strive to create an inclusive learning community where everyone feels supported, encouraged, and empowered to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Facilities and Resources

The College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences takes great pride in providing state-of-the-art facilities and resources to support the education and training of its students. The college is committed to creating an environment that fosters learning, research, and professional development.

Modern Laboratories

The college boasts modern laboratories equipped with the latest technology and equipment for practical hands-on learning experiences. Students have access to advanced medical and diagnostic tools to enhance their skills and knowledge in their respective fields. The laboratories provide a realistic setting for students to practice and apply their theoretical learning, ensuring they are well-prepared for their future careers.

Simulation Center

The college’s simulation center provides students with a simulated healthcare environment where they can practice various procedures and scenarios under the guidance of experienced instructors. This innovative approach allows students to develop critical thinking, decision-making, and clinical skills in a safe and controlled setting, preparing them for real-life situations they may encounter in their careers.

Library and Research Facilities

The college maintains a well-stocked library with a wide range of reference materials, textbooks, journals, and online resources to support academic study and research. Additionally, the college encourages faculty-led research initiatives, offering dedicated research facilities to explore new developments in the field of paramedical and allied health sciences.

Clinical Training Sites

Students at the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences have access to various clinical training sites where they can gain practical experience working alongside healthcare professionals in diverse settings such as hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and community health organizations. These experiential learning opportunities allow students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings while providing valuable services to the community.

Support Services

The college provides support services such as academic advising, career counseling, tutoring programs, and student wellness initiatives to ensure that students have access to the resources they need for academic success and personal well-being. The college is dedicated to empowering its students to thrive both academically and personally throughout their educational journey.

The College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences is continually investing in its facilities and resources to provide an enriching educational experience for its students. By offering modern laboratories, simulation centers, research facilities, clinical training sites, and support services, the college is equipping future healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills, and practical expertise needed for successful careers in paramedical and allied health sciences.

Student Life and Activities

The College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences offers a vibrant and dynamic student life that goes beyond the classroom setting. The college believes in holistic development and encourages students to take part in various activities that contribute to their personal growth and well-being. From academic clubs to sports events, the college provides a range of opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities.

One of the highlights of student life at the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences is the presence of student organizations and clubs. These organizations cover a wide range of interests including community service, professional development, cultural awareness, and recreational activities. Students have the opportunity to join existing organizations or even form new ones based on their interests. These clubs play a crucial role in fostering leadership skills, teamwork, and networking among students.

Moreover, the college organizes regular events and activities designed to promote social interaction and foster a sense of belonging among students. From talent shows to cultural festivals, there are numerous opportunities for students to showcase their talents and celebrate diversity within the college community. These events also serve as a platform for students to connect with each other outside the academic setting.

Additionally, the college recognizes the importance of physical well-being alongside academic excellence. As such, it provides access to state-of-the-art sports facilities where students can engage in various indoor and outdoor sports activities. This not only promotes physical fitness but also encourages teamwork, discipline, and a healthy competitive spirit among students.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

One of the most significant aspects of any academic institution is the career opportunities it provides to its graduates, and the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences is no exception. The college takes pride in preparing its students for a wide range of career paths within the healthcare industry, offering them the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their chosen profession.

Healthcare Facilities

Graduates from the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences have the opportunity to work in various healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. With a strong foundation in paramedical and allied health sciences, these graduates are well-equipped to provide critical support to patients and medical professionals.

Graduates of the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences program

Research and Development

For those interested in making advancements in healthcare technology or contributing to medical research, the college offers programs that prepare students for careers in research and development. Graduates may find employment opportunities within pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, or research institutions where they can be involved in developing innovative solutions to improve patient care.

Education and Training

The college also prepares graduates for careers in education and training within the field of paramedical and allied health sciences. With their expertise, they can pursue roles as educators, instructors, or trainers at vocational schools, community colleges, or universities. These positions allow them to pass on their knowledge and skills to future generations of healthcare professionals.

Administrative Roles

Furthermore, graduates have the option to pursue administrative roles within healthcare organizations. With a solid understanding of healthcare practices and protocols, they are well-suited for positions such as medical office managers, health information administrators, or clinical coordinators. These roles are essential in ensuring the efficient operation of healthcare facilities.

Private Practice

Finally, some graduates may choose to establish their own private practice as practitioners or consultants in fields such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, or other allied health disciplines. This path allows them to have greater control over their professional growth and make a direct impact on patient care within their communities.

The College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences is committed to helping its graduates explore diverse career opportunities within the healthcare industry. Through comprehensive programs and rigorous training, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in their chosen careers upon graduation.

Alumni Success Stories

After graduating from the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences, many alumni have gone on to achieve great success in their careers. Here are some inspiring stories of former students who have made a significant impact in the field of healthcare:

1. Dr. Samantha Patel: After completing her degree in Medical Laboratory Technology, Dr. Patel went on to pursue a career in research and diagnostics. She worked at a renowned medical center where she played a key role in developing new diagnostic tests for infectious diseases.

2. John Smith, RN: John graduated from the Nursing program at the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences and has since become a highly respected nurse in his community. He has been recognized for his outstanding patient care and has also taken on leadership roles within his healthcare organization.

3. Sarah Johnson, PT: Sarah studied Physical Therapy at the college and now works as a physical therapist at a prestigious rehabilitation center. She has helped countless patients recover from injuries and improve their mobility, earning praise for her dedication and expertise.

4. Jason Lee, RRT: Jason completed the Respiratory Therapy program at the college and now works as a respiratory therapist in a busy hospital. He has been involved in critical care cases and has been commended for his quick thinking and compassionate patient care.

5. Emily Davis, OT: Emily’s education in Occupational Therapy paved the way for her to become an occupational therapist specializing in pediatric rehabilitation. She has made a positive impact on the lives of children with developmental challenges, helping them build essential skills for independent living.

These success stories demonstrate the value of the education provided by the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences, preparing graduates to excel in their chosen healthcare professions.

Admission Process and Requirements

The College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences offers a variety of programs designed to prepare students for careers in the medical field. One of the most important aspects of attending college is the admission process and requirements. Prospective students can expect a thorough and competitive process to gain entry into the college’s prestigious programs.

The admission process at the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences is designed to identify candidates who have the potential to succeed in their chosen field. This process typically involves submitting an application, providing high school transcripts or GED scores, letters of recommendation, and possibly an admissions essay or personal statement. Additionally, some programs may require applicants to undergo interviews or entrance exams to demonstrate their commitment and determination.

In terms of requirements, each program within the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences may have specific criteria that applicants must meet. For example, certain programs may require a minimum GPA, completion of specific prerequisite courses, or relevant work experience in the medical field. It is crucial for prospective students to carefully review the requirements for their desired program before applying to ensure they meet all necessary qualifications.

Prospective students can also take advantage of various resources provided by the college during the admission process. This may include informational sessions, campus tours, and meetings with admissions counselors to learn more about the programs offered and receive guidance on how to strengthen their applications.

Once admitted, students can look forward to joining a community dedicated to excellence in healthcare education and practical training. The College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences takes pride in its diverse student body that fosters collaboration, leadership development, and a shared passion for making a difference in people’s lives through healthcare. Below are some steps involved in applying:

  • Submit a completed application form
  • Provide high school transcripts or equivalent
  • Obtain letters of recommendation
  • Complete any required entrance exams or interviews
  • Fulfill program-specific requirements

Conclusion and Future Plans for the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences

In conclusion, the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences has established itself as a leading institution in providing high-quality education and training in the field of paramedicine and allied health. The college’s rich history and background have laid a strong foundation for its current success, and its accreditation and affiliations with reputable organizations further validate its commitment to excellence.

With a wide range of programs offered, the college provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their chosen profession. The dedicated faculty and staff ensure that students receive personalized attention and mentorship, contributing to the overall academic success and personal development of the students.

The state-of-the-art facilities and resources available at the college create an optimal learning environment for students, while also preparing them for real-world scenarios. The vibrant student life and activities foster a sense of community and belonging, enhancing the overall college experience.

As graduates embark on their professional careers, they are presented with abundant career opportunities in various healthcare settings. The success stories of alumni further demonstrate the impact of the college in shaping competent and successful professionals in paramedicine and allied health.

Looking ahead, the College of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences is committed to continuously improving its programs, facilities, and resources to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. Future plans include expanding program offerings, strengthening partnerships with industry leaders, and enhancing opportunities for research and innovation within the field.

In essence, the College of Paramedical And Allied Health Sciences stands as an exemplary institution dedicated to shaping future healthcare professionals who will make a meaningful impact in their respective fields. Its unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that it will continue to be a frontrunner in providing exceptional education and training for years to come.

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