De.Fi Unveils Game-Changing Accelerator & Secures First Funding Round on April 29!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 22nd, 2024 – The Web3 sector is witnessing unprecedented growth, marked by the emergence of numerous promising startups. As the crypto space continues to evolve swiftly, the need for platforms that offer guidance and support to these nascent ventures is becoming increasingly critical. De.Fi Accelerator is stepping up to fill this gap, offering a much-needed scaffold for startups navigating the intricate Web3 ecosystem.

De.Fi, renowned for its advanced Web3 super app designed by top-tier security audit professionals, recently unveiled its latest initiative – the De.Fi Accelerator. Scheduled for launch on April 29th, this platform is tailored for the new wave of Web3 product launches, focusing on Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) and providing early access to groundbreaking Web3 projects before they hit the exchange markets.

In preparation for this groundbreaking initiative, De.Fi has meticulously interviewed over 1,700 projects. Their goal is to cherry-pick the finest opportunities for their community, ensuring access to what might be the next big thing in the crypto space. The core of this initiative, the DEFI token, is set to play a pivotal role in what’s anticipated to be the largest Web3 Accelerator product to date. With the introduction of De.Fi Accelerator, the ecosystem is poised for significant expansion, marking a new chapter in the democratization of investment in Web3 ventures.

De.Fi Accelerator promises to be a central incubator for frontier Web3 concepts including EigenLayer Restakings, BRC20s, and Layer-2 solutions. Participants engaging with De.Fi Accelerator can look forward to potentially earning up to 40% APR by staking DEFI tokens. This unique opportunity grants them early access to exclusive deals and investment opportunities in some of the most promising Web3 projects identified by the De.Fi team. The focus here is on nurturing L1 projects from their infancy, with an expectation that this will lead to the incubation of numerous Web3 unicorns within the De.Fi Accelerator.

A tiered system will be in place, rewarding users based on the amount and duration of their DEFI token stakes. This system ensures that users’ loyalty and commitment to the platform translate into tangible benefits, unlocking greater rewards with higher ranks within the ecosystem.

For those looking to participate, acquiring DEFI tokens is made straightforward. Tokens are available through De.Fi Swap or from more than 7 leading exchanges. Staking these tokens can be done with ease on the dedicated Staking Platform, opening a gateway to a realm of potential benefits and exclusive investment opportunities.

Among its ambitions, the De.Fi team aims for the De.Fi Accelerator to emerge as the premier accelerator for Solana-based projects. The success of Solana IDOs in catapulting projects to prominence within the Solana ecosystem underscores the potential for De.Fi Accelerator to drive significant value for both projects and investors alike.

Behind this ambitious project is a team composed of experts in various fields including crypto security, SocialFi, AI, and software development. Their combined expertise is aimed at not just rewarding DEFI token stakers and early crypto adopters, but also at providing unprecedented support to new projects across the most vibrant sectors of the crypto market today—evidenced by a focus on segments like EigenLayer, Restaking, and BRC20 initiatives.

De.Fi itself is an all-encompassing Web3 Super App and Antivirus that brings together an asset management dashboard, an opportunity explorer, and the world’s first crypto antivirus backed by the most extensive compilation of DeFi hacks and exploits – the Rekt Database. Trusted by 5 million users worldwide and backed by names such as Okx and Huobi, as well as the former Coinbase M&A, De.Fi is dedicated to pushing forward DeFi adoption by simplifying and securing the self-custody transition. Its widespread use by notable organizations including University College London and Coingecko is a testament to its reliability and pioneering vision in the Web3 space.

For further information, De.Fi’s comprehensive offerings and updates can be accessed through their official website, Twitter, and dedicated De.Fi Security and Rekt Database pages, providing an extensive resource for both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and newcomers to the Web3 world.


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