Diablo 4 Devs Drop a Big Hint About the Highly Sought-After Cow Level

During BlizzCon 2023, IGN had the opportunity to speak with Tiffany Wat, the production director of Diablo 4, and Joe Piepiora, the associate game director. In their conversation, they dropped a hint about the long-awaited Cow Level that has been a topic of speculation among players.

Since the beginning of Season 2 in Diablo 4, players have been diligently searching for clues to uncover the mystery of the Cow Level. This urban legend-turned-meme has captured the attention of gamers, and it seems that progress has been made toward solving the enigma.

According to the information gathered so far, players can earn three “Items of Great Significance” by slaying 666 cows. These items can be acquired one at a time, with only one relic able to be earned per week. However, it appears that all three relics can be used to craft a key that grants access to the Forlorn Hovel. Many believe that this hidden location holds the elusive portal to the Cow Level.

When IGN questioned Wat and Piepiora about this development, they playfully engaged in some bovine banter before dropping a tantalizing hint for fans. The mention of the Cow Level caused Piepiora to jokingly respond, “Did you say Cow Level?” to which IGN’s Matt Kim confirmed. Wat then joined in, remarking, “Sounds udderly ridiculous.” She acknowledged that players have indeed been slaying cows but advised them to hold on to any items they may have obtained during their cow-slaying endeavors.

Piepiora, however, seemed to play coy, claiming, “I don’t know what she’s talking about.” This playful exchange has only stoked the curiosity of fans even further.

While the full mystery of the Cow Level has yet to be solved, Blizzard did reveal another exciting piece of information regarding Diablo 4. The game’s first expansion, called “Vessel of Hatred,” is set to arrive in late 2024. The expansion will take place in the region of Nahantu and will revolve around the fate of Mephisto and his plans for Sanctuary. Additionally, players can look forward to a brand-new Diablo class that has never been seen before.

For more updates and announcements from BlizzCon 2023, be sure to check out IGN’s coverage. And if you have any tips or stories to share, you can reach out to IGN via email at [email protected].

Stay tuned as we eagerly await more information on the elusive Cow Level and the upcoming Diablo 4 expansion. In the meantime, you can follow IGN’s news writer, Adam Bankhurst, on Twitter @AdamBankhurst and on Twitch for all the latest gaming news and updates.

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