Drake vs Kendrick: Top Diss Tracks Ranked in Epic Rap Showdown!

The hip-hop scene is currently witnessing one of its most monumental battles as Drake and Kendrick Lamar lock horns in a full-blown war of words. The rivalry escalated on Friday, May 3, with both artists releasing scorching diss tracks aimed at each other, marking a historic day in hip-hop history.

In the first round, Drake came out swinging with “Push Ups,” where he took jabs at Kendrick’s physical stature and questioned his label deals. This track was Drake’s counter to Kendrick’s verse on “Like That,” where Kendrick dismissively spoke about the “Big 3” in hip-hop. Fans and critics lauded Drake’s response, but Kendrick wasn’t one to back down easily. His response came in the form of “Euphoria,” a track filled with incisive lyrics criticizing Drake for alleged cultural appropriation among other things.

The battle intensified with the second round when Kendrick released “6:16 in LA,” levying several allegations against Drake, including the claim of having a mole within OVO. Drake swiftly retorted with “Family Matters,” a track where he accused Kendrick of domestic abuse and infidelity, and even claimed that Kendrick’s longtime manager, Dave Free, was the father of one of Kendrick’s children.

Before fans could fully process these exchanges, Kendrick dropped “Meet the Grahams,” targeting Drake’s family and even alleging the existence of Drake’s secret 11-year-old daughter. This relentless exchange underlines both rappers’ determination to emerge victorious in this rap feud that has been brewing for more than a decade. The conflict has seen a flurry of subliminal messages and direct attacks, now culminating in six diss tracks spread across two intense rounds.

Drake’s “Taylor Made Freestyle” was a provocative move, baiting Kendrick into a response while also incorporating artificial intelligence to generate fictional bars from Snoop Dogg and the late Tupac Shakur. However, this move was controversial and led to the track being pulled from streaming services after threats of legal action from Shakur’s estate.

Kendrick, on his part, has been methodical with his releases. “Not Like Us” stands out as a potent diss track that combines lyrical dexterity with club banger potential, showcasing Kendrick’s versatility and readiness to tackle Drake on multiple fronts.

Throughout this feud, both Drake and Kendrick have not shied away from delving into personal matters and controversial claims, making this one of the most gripping and emotionally charged rivalries in recent hip-hop history. As fans and critics alike dissect each diss track and speculate on the next moves, it is clear that this battle between two of hip-hop’s titans is far from over, promising more fireworks and potentially more music that will be analyzed and talked about for years to come.


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