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Google rolling out Wear OS 4 to the original Pixel Watch

by Macky Briones

Google Rolls Out Wear OS 4 Update to Original Pixel Watch

Google is now releasing the Wear OS 4 update to the original Pixel Watch. This comes less than a week after the launch of the 2022 Pixel Watch, which received positive reviews. The update also includes the October security patch.

The release of Wear OS 4 for the original Pixel Watch is earlier than expected. Google had previously indicated that the update would be coming “later this year.” Nevertheless, Pixel Watch users can now enjoy the new features and improvements that come with Wear OS 4.

Google has highlighted six key features of Wear OS 4. One of the standout features is the backup and restore functionality. With the help of Google One, users can easily preserve their watch faces, Tiles, data, and other settings when getting a new watch or resetting an existing one. This is particularly useful for users who frequently switch between different smartwatches.

Another notable feature is watch transfer, which allows users to easily transfer their Pixel Watch to a new Pixel phone without having to factory reset the watch. This ensures a seamless transition between devices and helps users avoid the hassle of setting up their watch from scratch.

Google Calendar is now pre-installed on Wear OS 4 and replaces the previous “Agenda” experience. Users can also download the app from the Play Store. The integration of Google Tasks, Tiles, and complications further enhances the productivity and organization features of Wear OS 4.

In terms of personal safety, Wear OS 4 introduces Safety Check, Emergency Sharing, and Emergency Info. Users can easily access these features on their watch and set up emergency contacts and medical information. This provides an added layer of security and peace of mind, especially in potentially risky situations.

Accessibility and customization have also been improved in Wear OS 4. Users can now enjoy a faster and more reliable TalkBack experience, bold text, improved magnification, and audio balance adjustment. These enhancements aim to make the smartwatch experience more inclusive and user-friendly.

Enhanced notifications are another key feature of Wear OS 4. Notifications now include smart link recognition for phone numbers and addresses, allowing users to easily call, message, or get directions with a single tap. Additionally, embedded media previews enable users to view images and GIFs directly from the notification shade, saving time and providing more information upfront.

Google has stated that the rollout of Wear OS 4 will happen in phases depending on carrier and device. Users can expect to receive the update over the coming weeks. However, some users have reported that the update is not yet available when checking for updates on their watches.

Overall, the release of Wear OS 4 for the original Pixel Watch brings a host of new features and improvements. Google continues to enhance the smartwatch experience, making it more convenient, secure, and customizable for users. With the rollout in progress, Pixel Watch owners can look forward to experiencing the latest version of Wear OS soon.

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