Grill Anywhere in 2024: Top 10 Portable Grills – Charcoal, Propane, & Electric!

With summer’s arrival, the allure of cooking outdoors over an open flame becomes irresistible, celebrating the season’s quintessential joy. As grills emerge from their winter hibernation, some may discover their equipment in a state of neglect, rusted from months of disuse. For those contemplating an upgrade, an extensive guide to the best portable grills available has been meticulously curated through rigorous testing and research, aimed at elevating your grilling game to the next level.

In addition to grills, comprehensive guides to enhance your outdoor adventures, including the best in camping gear, tents, rain jackets, and binoculars, are accessible, ensuring a well-prepared excursion into the great outdoors.

The latest update in May 2024 introduces several noteworthy additions to the portable grill market, including the Skotti grill, new accessories for the Nomad grill, and the Ignik propane growler, alongside updated pricing to keep consumers informed. A special offer for gear lovers provides a substantial discount on a 1-year subscription to WIRED, enriching your resource pool for daily exploration and discovery.

Among the plethora of options, the Weber Jumbo Joe stands out as the premier choice for a portable charcoal grill. Balancing affordability with a comprehensive set of features, the Jumbo Joe is capable of accommodating an impressive amount of food on its 18.5-inch diameter surface, making it a versatile powerhouse for grilling, barbecuing, and smoking alike. Despite its compact size facilitating easy transport, its innovative design, including a dual-vent system and an ash catcher, simplifies temperature control and cleanup, revolutionizing the grilling experience.

The grill’s fanbase has spearheaded numerous modifications and hacks to enhance its functionality, such as integrating thermometers and improving vent manipulation, a testament to its versatility and enduring popularity.

However, the Jumbo Joe isn’t without its drawbacks. The absence of a built-in thermometer and a protective storage cover prompts the need for additional purchases to maximize its utility, such as a hinged grill grate and a charcoal basket, enriching the cooking experience substantially.

For those seeking a more compact alternative, the Weber Smokey Joe Premium emerges as a formidable contender, offering a smaller footprint at an attractive price point. Though it sacrifices some temperature control due to the omission of a lower vent, its portability and ease of use make it an excellent choice for the casual griller or those with limited space.

For those desiring a touch of luxury in their grilling endeavors, the Nomad grill presents an innovative design reminiscent of premium coolers, melding high-quality construction with portability. Though slightly heavier than its counterparts, the Nomad excels in airflow management and cooking space, making it ideal for feeding a crowd. The introduction of new accessories in 2024, such as the essential ash and coal shovel and a versatile carbon steel griddle, further enhances its appeal, offering unparalleled cooking flexibility for the discerning outdoor chef.


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