iOS 18: The Inside Scoop on Apple’s Latest Software Update!

iOS 18 is expected to include updates for several of the built-in apps, including Notes, Mail, Photos, and Fitness. We don’t know a lot about some of the planned refreshes, but we have heard hints for a few of the new features.


Safari is expected to get a significant overhaul, with an updated look along with new tools to improve browsing. An “Intelligent Search” option will use on-device AI technology to identify key topics and phrases on webpages to offer a summary.
A “Web Eraser” tool will allow users to remove unwanted portions of webpages. Sections of websites that are “erased” persist across visits unless the change is reverted.
There will be an updated quick-access menu available from the address bar that combines page tools and some of the functions that are currently housed in the Share Sheet.
Apple also plans to further align the iPadOS and macOS versions of Safari.

Apple Maps

There are several new features rumored for the Apple Maps app in iOS 18.
With support for custom routes, Apple Maps users may be able to input self-selected routes rather than being limited to the pre-selected options that Apple provides. Custom routes would let users select what roads they want to travel down, whether for scenic purposes or the familiarity of a route.
Apple may also bring the watchOS 10 topographic map feature to the iPhone in iOS 18. Topographic maps include trails, contour lines, elevation, points of interest, and other features that are of use for hiking and other outdoor activities.


The iOS 18 Notes app is expected to offer support for recording voice memos directly in the app, with recordings able to be embedded in notes. Apple is also rumored to be adding support for displaying mathematical notation for including more kinds of equations to notes.
Notes and Voice Memos will include audio transcription features, offering up auto-generated transcripts of audio recordings. The Notes app is also rumored to be able to offer AI-generated summaries of key points in audio recordings.

Calendar and Reminders

The Calendar app is expected to get Reminders integration, a feature that will let Reminders be viewed in and interacted with in the Calendar app.

Calculator App

Apple plans to introduce a built-in Calculator app for the iPad with iPadOS 18. The app will be a “universal” app able to run on the iPhone, iPad, and macOS, allowing for a similar look and function across all three devices.
The Calculator app for the iPhone may also see some design refinements, with both versions set to gain integration with the Notes app, an improved interface for unit conversions, and a list of recent calculations.


The Freeform app is set to be updated with a “Scenes” feature that will let users to select specific sections or Scenes within their boards for quicker navigation. Scenes will be accessible through a new Scenes UI, which can be used to flip between saved scenes.

Apple Music

Apple music could include a feature for auto-generated playlists, with users able to input a mood, a time of day, and other parameters to get music suggestions.

Keynote, Numbers, and Pages

Apple’s iWork apps will include new AI features. Keynote will have an option for automatically generating slides, and Pages will get a feature for generating text.


Shortcuts will better integrate with Siri, allowing for the automation of complex tasks with less effort.


The Health app could get new AI features, but specifics are unknown at this time.


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