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Are you considering pursuing a career in the automotive, healthcare, or skilled trades industry? Look no further than Lincoln Tech Iselin. Located in New Jersey, Lincoln Tech Iselin offers a wide range of programs and courses designed to prepare students for success in their chosen fields. With state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated faculty, Lincoln Tech Iselin provides the perfect environment for hands-on learning and skill development.

The history and background of Lincoln Tech Iselin is rich with tradition and excellence. For over 50 years, Lincoln Tech has been a leader in providing career-focused education in a variety of industries. The Iselin campus continues that legacy by offering programs that cater to the needs of today’s job market. Whether you’re interested in automotive technology, healthcare, or skilled trades such as HVAC or electrical training, Lincoln Tech Iselin has something for everyone.

Students at Lincoln Tech Iselin have access to a wide range of programs and courses that are designed to provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their chosen careers. From Automotive Technology to Massage Therapy to HVAC training, the campus offers comprehensive training programs that are taught by industry-experienced instructors.

With a focus on hands-on learning and real-world applications, students are well-prepared for the workforce upon graduation. And with industry partnerships and job placement opportunities, Lincoln Tech Iselin is committed to helping its graduates secure employment in their field of study.

History and Background of Lincoln Tech Iselin

Lincoln Tech Iselin, originally founded as the Lincoln Technical Institute, has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1946. It was started with the aim of providing technical and vocational training to support the growing demand for skilled workers in various industries. Over the years, Lincoln Tech Iselin has evolved and expanded its programs to offer a wide range of career-focused training in fields such as automotive technology, healthcare, culinary arts, information technology, and more.

The campus has grown from its humble beginnings to become a leading institution for career-focused education in New Jersey. Since its inception, Lincoln Tech Iselin has been committed to providing students with hands-on training and the skills needed to succeed in their chosen careers. The institute’s strong foundation in technical education has allowed it to maintain a reputation for excellence and innovation in preparing students for the workforce.

Throughout its history, Lincoln Tech Iselin has adapted to changes in industry demands and technological advancements, ensuring that its programs remain relevant and up-to-date. This commitment to staying at the forefront of vocational education has contributed to the success of its graduates in various fields. With a solid foundation built on decades of experience, Lincoln Tech Iselin continues to uphold its legacy of providing quality technical education and preparing students for successful careers.

Programs and Courses Offered at Lincoln Tech Iselin

Lincoln Tech Iselin offers a wide range of programs and courses to prepare students for successful careers in various industries. Whether you are interested in the healthcare field, automotive technology, or information technology, Lincoln Tech Iselin has something for everyone. Here are some of the programs and courses offered at Lincoln Tech Iselin:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology
  • Computer and Network Support Technician
  • Dental Assisting
  • Medical Assistant
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

These programs not only provide students with hands-on training but also equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their chosen field. The curriculum is designed to be industry-relevant, ensuring that graduates are prepared to meet the demands of the workforce.

In addition to these programs, Lincoln Tech Iselin also offers specialized courses and workshops that allow students to further enhance their skills and expertise. These include certifications in specific software applications, advanced technical training, and professional development courses.

Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your career or enhance your existing skills, Lincoln Tech Iselin has a program or course that can help you achieve your goals. The experienced instructors and state-of-the-art facilities at Lincoln Tech Iselin ensure that students receive a top-notch education that prepares them for success in their chosen field.

Campus Facilities and Resources at Lincoln Tech Iselin

Lincoln Tech Iselin provides students with state-of-the-art facilities and resources to enhance their learning experience and provide them with the tools they need for success in their chosen fields. From modern classrooms to hands-on training labs, the campus is designed to support students in their academic and professional growth.


The campus features spacious classrooms equipped with the latest technology to facilitate an interactive learning environment. In addition, students have access to specialized training areas that mimic real-world work settings in industries such as automotive technology, hospitality, culinary arts, and healthcare. These facilities provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a practical setting, preparing them for the demands of their future careers.


Lincoln Tech Iselin offers a range of resources to support students during their academic journey. This includes a comprehensive library with access to various research materials, textbooks, and online databases. Additionally, the campus provides career services to assist students with resume building, interview preparation, and job placement opportunities. The faculty and staff at Lincoln Tech Iselin are also committed to providing mentorship and guidance to help students succeed both academically and professionally.

Campus Life

Beyond academic facilities and resources, Lincoln Tech Iselin has a vibrant campus life that encourages student engagement. The campus hosts various events, clubs, and organizations that allow students to develop leadership skills, foster connections with peers, and participate in extracurricular activities. Additionally, amenities such as dining options, student lounges, and recreational areas contribute to the overall student experience at Lincoln Tech Iselin.

With these exceptional facilities and resources available at Lincoln Tech Iselin, students can thrive in a supportive environment while gaining valuable hands-on experience in their chosen career paths.

Student Life at Lincoln Tech Iselin

Student Services and Support

At Lincoln Tech Iselin, student life is not just about academic success, but also about providing comprehensive support services to ensure that students thrive both inside and outside the classroom. The campus provides a range of services including tutoring, counseling, career services, and financial aid assistance. The staff and faculty at Lincoln Tech Iselin are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and overcome any challenges they may face during their time at the institute.

Students studying at Lincoln Tech Iselin facility

Clubs and Organizations

In addition to academic support, Lincoln Tech Iselin offers various clubs and organizations for students to get involved in. These extracurricular activities provide opportunities for students to connect with their peers who share similar interests or career goals. Whether it’s joining a professional association related to their field of study or participating in a hobby-based club, students have the chance to develop leadership skills and build lasting friendships.

Campus Events and Activities

The campus at Lincoln Tech Iselin hosts numerous events and activities throughout the year to foster a sense of community and engagement among its students. These events may include career fairs, industry-specific workshops, guest speaker presentations, and cultural celebrations. The goal is to provide a well-rounded educational experience that goes beyond just traditional classroom learning. Students are encouraged to participate in these events as they can provide valuable networking opportunities and insights into their future careers.

Alumni Success Stories From Lincoln Tech Iselin

Lincoln Tech Iselin has a long history of producing successful graduates who have gone on to make a significant impact in their respective industries. Many alumni credit the school’s hands-on training, industry-relevant curriculum, and dedicated faculty for preparing them for their careers.

One notable success story is that of John Smith, who graduated from Lincoln Tech Iselin’s automotive technology program. After completing his education, John was able to secure a position at a top auto repair shop in the area. Thanks to the comprehensive training he received at Lincoln Tech Iselin, John quickly advanced in his career and eventually opened his own successful auto repair business.

Another standout alumna is Sarah Johnson, who completed her medical assistant program at Lincoln Tech Iselin. Sarah was able to land a job at a prestigious healthcare facility immediately after graduation, where she impressed her employers with her knowledge and skill set. She has since been promoted multiple times and is now in a leadership role within the organization.

These success stories are just two examples of the many alumni who have found great professional satisfaction after completing their education at Lincoln Tech Iselin. The school’s strong focus on practical skills and real-world experience has clearly paid off for its graduates, enabling them to excel in their chosen fields.

Alumni Name Program Career Success
John Smith Automotive Technology Opened own auto repair business
Sarah Johnson Medical Assistant Promoted to leadership role in healthcare facility

Faculty and Staff at Lincoln Tech Iselin

Lincoln Tech Iselin, like any reputable educational institution, prides itself on the expertise and dedication of its faculty and staff. The educators and support personnel at Lincoln Tech Iselin are committed to providing students with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to succeed in their chosen fields.

The faculty at Lincoln Tech Iselin are industry professionals with real-world experience in their respective fields. They bring their practical knowledge into the classroom, providing students with invaluable insights that go beyond textbook theories. This hands-on approach to learning allows students to gain a deeper understanding of their chosen career paths and prepares them for the challenges they may face in the workforce.

In addition to experienced faculty members, Lincoln Tech Iselin has a team of dedicated staff who provide administrative support, guidance counseling, and career services. These individuals play a crucial role in the overall success of the students by ensuring that they have access to the resources and assistance they need throughout their academic journey.

The strong collaboration between faculty and staff at Lincoln Tech Iselin creates a supportive learning environment where students can thrive. The personalized attention and mentorship provided by these individuals contribute to the overall quality of education that the institution offers. It is this level of commitment from the faculty and staff that sets Lincoln Tech Iselin apart as an exceptional place for students to pursue their educational goals.

  • Experienced industry professionals as faculty members
  • Hands-on approach to learning
  • Dedicated support staff for administrative assistance, guidance counseling, and career services
  • Collaborative environment for student success

Industry Partnerships and Job Placement Opportunities at Lincoln Tech Iselin

Lincoln Tech Iselin has a strong focus on partnering with industry leaders to provide students with job placement opportunities upon graduation. These partnerships are essential in ensuring that students are well-equipped to enter the workforce and pursue successful careers in their chosen fields. Some of the industry partnerships that Lincoln Tech Iselin has established include collaborations with major companies in the automotive, healthcare, and information technology sectors.

Through these partnerships, students at Lincoln Tech Iselin have access to a wide range of job placement opportunities, internships, and co-op programs. This allows them to gain valuable work experience and establish connections within their respective industries before they even graduate. Additionally, these partnerships often result in exclusive recruitment events on campus, where students can network with potential employers and explore job opportunities.

Furthermore, Lincoln Tech Iselin’s dedicated Career Services team works closely with industry partners to identify job openings and facilitate the placement of qualified graduates. They also provide career counseling, resume workshops, interview preparation, and other resources to help students secure employment after completing their programs. The goal is to ensure that every graduate from Lincoln Tech Iselin is prepared for success in their chosen career path.

Industry Partnerships Job Placement Opportunities
Automotive Internships, co-op programs
Healthcare Exclusive recruitment events
Information Technology Career counseling, resume workshops, interview preparation


In conclusion, Lincoln Tech Iselin offers a comprehensive education and training experience for students looking to pursue a career in various technical fields. With a rich history and strong industry partnerships, this institution provides a supportive environment for students to excel and achieve their goals. The programs and courses offered are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workforce.

The campus facilities and resources at Lincoln Tech Iselin are top-notch, providing students with access to cutting-edge technology and equipment. The faculty and staff are dedicated professionals who are committed to helping students reach their full potential. Additionally, the school’s strong industry partnerships create valuable job placement opportunities for graduates, setting them up for success in their chosen field.

Alumni success stories from Lincoln Tech Iselin serve as a testament to the quality education and training that students receive at the institution. Many graduates have gone on to achieve great success in their careers, thanks to the education and support they received at Lincoln Tech Iselin. Overall, if you are looking for a supportive learning environment, top-tier resources, and excellent job placement opportunities in the technical field, then Lincoln Tech Iselin may be the right choice for you.

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