Lollipop Chainsaw release date window, trailers, and latest news

When is the Lollipop Chainsaw Repop release date? A console cult classic despite mixed critic reviews, Lollipop Chainsaw was set for a comeback thanks to a full remake announced by Dragami Games in 2022. Since, the remake has been scaled back to a simple remaster, but is still set for release on console and, for the first time, PC.

Lollipop Chainsaw Repop is a hack and slash game featuring girlypop protagonist Juliet Starling, a blonde cheerleader who slays in more ways than one, as she and her chainsaw decimate hordes of zombies. There is some good news with the action-adventure game being remastered, as original stars return for the Lollipop Chainsaw remaster, while some new features have also been confirmed for the fast-approaching release date.

Juliet Starling wears her classic cheerleader costume as she looks back over her shoulder in a promo image for Lollipop Chainsaw Repop.

Lollipop Chainsaw Repop release date window

The Lollipop Chainsaw release date is set for Summer 2024. Since the game was pushed back in August 2023, there has been no further hint of a delay, and developer Yoshimi Yasuda recently confirmed a launch is close.

The seasonal window was first announced back in August 2023 in a tweet from Dragami Games, shortly after the original 2023 Lollipop Chainsaw Repop release date was pushed back. More recently, in a tweet on April 26, 2024, game designer Yoshimi Yasuda stated that “The official launch of Lollipop Chainsaw Repop is almost here!”.

Yasuda and the official Dragami Games X (formerly Twitter) feed have both been communicating regular updates regarding the remaster’s release, including details about the voice actors, gameplay changes, and in-game outfits, more details of all of which can be found below.

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Lollipop Chainsaw Repop gameplay

There has been no trailer for the remake to date, but if you’re coming to the game for the first time, the original 2012 trailer above can give you an idea of what to expect. Since Repop is a remaster, we know that we can expect the same gameplay as the first Lollipop Chainsaw, just upgraded to current-gen graphics with some other minor changes.

Based on existing gameplay, we can assume that Lollipop Chainsaw will see Starling embark on a zombie-killing spree, accompanied by the head of her boyfriend, Nick. To kill zombies, players can use a range of melee attacks, often using her pink chainsaw. Combos and special moves could be purchased with in-game rewards – as was the way back in the day – and whether or not this remains the same or Dragami is to introduce microtransactions remains to be seen.

There have been some slight changes to gameplay as confirmed by Dragami Games. The biggest example is perhaps the changes coming to combat to bring the game more in-line with modern games. In a statement, the development team confirmed that they are “doing away with any sluggishnesss in chainsaw battles with speed adjustments, improving the input timing for cheerleading and chainsaw combo attacks, as well as improving camera movement.” Fans of the horror genre can perhaps expect changes similar to those between original Resident Evil games and their more recent remakes in these ways.

Another big change comes to QTEs (quick-time events). QTEs are when a button suddenly appears on screen and the player must react quickly, pressing the button or completing the action shown. These were a big part of the original, appearing regularly during combat or special scenes.  In the remaster, however, QTEs will be completed automatically by default, so the player no longer has to worry about missing. If you like the challenge, though, don’t worry, as you are able to turn them back on.

There are also “new elements” being added to the “world and scenario of the original game” according to another tweet from Yasuda. However, while original writer James Gunn is not involved in the remaster, Yasuda confirmed that they are using “the original Lollipop Chainsaw scenario and script without any changes,” in an interview with Automaton in 2023.

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Lollipop Chainsaw Repop cast

Again, given that the new game is a remaster of the original, the old voicelines are not being rerecorded, so you can enjoy the original cast and voice lines once again. This means the star-studded cast returns in both the English and Japanese versions of the game, including Tara Strong, Sean Gunn, and Linda Cardellini, alongside Yoko Hikasa, Eri Kitamura, and Mariya Ise.

In even better news, players across the globe can enjoy the Japanese voice lines that were previously locked to the Japanese version of the game. The new feature was confirmed by Yoshimi Yasuda in March, 2024.

Juliet Starling appears in a white bunny mascot outfit in Lollipop Chainsaw Repop.

Lollipop Chainsaw Repop customization

Among the many content updates Yasuda has shared on X (formally Twitter), the game designer confirms that there are to be “a total of 30 costumes, including original versions and new costumes.” Repop also includes “four new hair colors and four new chainsaws”, with a total of “480 costume variations”.

Yasuda has already teased some of these customizations, including the ‘Bunny’ skin above, and, naturally, an “uncensored Juliet costume” because, well, Lollipop Chainsaw.

While we await further news about a Lollipop Chainsaw Repop release date, take a look at the other upcoming PC games we’re looking forward to. While we can’t promise cheerleading protagonists, there are a bunch of other great zombie games you can try out in the meantime.

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