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Nintendo Switch 2 patent hints at console’s design — and I’m worried

by Macky Briones

The Nintendo Switch 2 rumor mill is buzzing with excitement as a newly discovered patent gives us a possible glimpse into the design of the highly anticipated console. The patent, which was filed by Nintendo in late 2022 and recently surfaced online, showcases a new portable gaming device with a few key differences from the original Nintendo Switch.

One of the most significant changes in the patent is the removal of the Joy-Con controllers. Instead, the console appears to have a similar form factor to the Nintendo Switch Lite, indicating an all-in-one unit. The patent also reveals a single joystick on the left side of the device, four buttons on the right, and two shoulder buttons on the top.

The images included with the patent show additional features such as home and capture buttons relocated to the underside of the unit, along with a USB-C port and dual speakers. The top of the console houses a volume adjuster, power button, headphone jack, and a cartridge slot, indicating that Nintendo has no immediate plans to go all-digital.

According to the patent, the device may also feature a pressure-sensitive touchscreen display and potentially include an input for directional movement on the right side. This could be a second joystick, bringing it closer in appearance to the current Nintendo Switch lineup.

While the patent offers an intriguing look at a possible Nintendo Switch 2 design, some fans are expressing concern. The lack of dual joysticks and limited face buttons could impact gameplay and control scheme options. Additionally, if this design were indeed for the Nintendo Switch 2, it could hinder backward compatibility with the existing Switch library, as developers would need to update their games for a device with fewer input options.

However, it’s important to note that this patent does not confirm that the design is intended for the Nintendo Switch 2. It could be an alternative device that Nintendo is also developing. Furthermore, companies often file patents for products that may never come to fruition.

For example, Sony filed a patent for a system that would allow players to operate their PS5 with a banana, but that concept never materialized into a playable product. Similarly, the Nintendo patent may never see the light of day. Fans will need to wait for official details from Nintendo to learn more about the highly anticipated successor to the Switch console.

In the meantime, Nintendo Switch enthusiasts can explore the current library of games and enjoy the best titles the platform has to offer. Stay tuned for updates as Nintendo reveals more about its next-generation console.

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