NYC Parents Demand First AI High School, Eyeing National Trendsetter Role

In a groundbreaking move that could set a national precedent, parents in New York City are advocating for the establishment of a specialized high school focused on artificial intelligence (AI). This initiative is driven by five parent members of the Citywide Council on High Schools (CCHS), who have co-sponsored a resolution for a school that would seamlessly integrate AI into its core curriculum. The goal of this proposed institution is not only to position New York City as a leader in AI education but also to stimulate competition with other countries in the rapidly evolving tech sector.

The proponents of this initiative argue that New York City, with its vibrant ecosystem of technological innovation, investment capital, and entrepreneurial spirit, presents the perfect backdrop for cultivating the next generation of AI talent. “New York City serves as a hub for technological innovation, capital investment, and entrepreneurship, making it an ideal location for fostering AI talent,” the parents stated in their resolution, which notably received assistance from AI technologies in its drafting.

The resolution envisions a comprehensive AI curriculum that would equip students with skills and knowledge paramount for success in the burgeoning field of AI. It would include computer science courses; specializations in AI, machine learning, and robotics; collaborations with universities and industry partners; and access to state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories. According to the resolution, “Delaying the establishment of an AI-themed public high school in New York City would result in a missed opportunity to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the AI field.”

The demand for skilled AI professionals currently outpaces the supply, with the AI industry projected to reach a valuation of $190 billion by the next year. This explosive growth rate is significantly higher than that of most other occupations, emphasizing the urgent need for specialized education in this field. The proposed school aims to address this gap by preparing students to be competitive on a global scale, in terms of development, research, and innovation in AI.

CCHS member Benjamin Morden, the primary sponsor of the resolution, emphasized the ubiquity of AI and the importance of starting AI education early. “AI is ubiquitous, it’s everywhere,” Morden said. “Let’s expand AI instruction in high schools so students can pursue AI careers because they have unknowingly already started on that path.”

Morden also expressed hope that leading companies in the AI industry, from Google to Microsoft to Nvidia, would support the initiative by donating resources, expertise, and funds. This collaborative effort between the educational sector and the AI industry could pave the way for a new era of AI education, benefiting students, the city, and the broader tech industry.

The proposal is set to be voted on at a meeting on Tuesday, and if approved, it could herald a significant shift in how students are prepared for the future, fostering a generation that is not only conversant with AI but also capable of leading its evolution.


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