Plug Into Cuteness: Bocchi the Rock’s New Plushies Aim to Fill the Void!

What do aficionados of basement hardcore shows and Bocchi the Rock enthusiasts share in common? Their shared passion might surprise you – an affection for drunk bassists of dubious cleanliness. They’re united in their belief that the best performances are found in intimate, obscure venues, especially if managed by a girl sporting a labret piercing, an instant indicator of a sublime mix. While a fan sporting a Kessuko Band or Sunami tee might display impeccable taste, their dreams of paring with a hard-drinking bass talent remain just that, dreams. However, a semblance of comfort can be found with the latest merch drop – the Bocchi the Rock Good Smile plushies are here to fill that void!

These plushies bring to life the beloved characters of the series in soft, huggable form. For a modest price of about $25, fans can snag their very own fuwa fuwa rendition of Pa-san, Seika, Kukuri, and Futari. It’s amusing, yet somewhat poignant that these are the closest many will come to claiming three out of these four characters as “theirs.” And if you dare claim the remaining one, well, you might just be stepping over a legal line.

These collectibles, standing at a charming 130mm tall, not only promise companionship but also come with their unique case. Seika and PA-san are nestled within a Starry case, Futari enjoys the snug fit of a Jimi-Hen case, and Kukuri rests inside a sake container case, epitomizing peak advertising creativity. And for those quick to act, purchasing the complete set of four Bocchi the Rock Good Smile plushies between today and May 12 secures a bonus Koinobori mini pin – a nifty little add-on for early buyers. These plushies are expected to ship in the first quarter of 2025, offering something exciting on the horizon for fans.

The anime adaptation of Aki Himaji’s manga, Bocchi the Rock, has been making waves on Crunchyroll, capturing hearts in a way few could have predicted. At its core, the show is a poignant love letter to band life, exploring the transformative power of music through the lens of Hitori Gotoh’s trials and tribulations. It presents a narrative filled with humor and a keen awareness of the struggles faced by someone with social anxiety, standing as a testament to the perseverance in the face of staggered progress.

Ensuring fans can bring a piece of this touching story into their homes, these plushies are more than just merch; they embody the spirit of the series, celebrating individuality, music, and the relentless pursuit of one’s passions, despite the odds.

For more information on securing these collectibles and making your very own fuwa fuwa band, visit the Good Smile US Website. Celebrate the unique bond between music, fandom, and the fluffy world of merchandise that continues to bring countless characters into our daily lives.

© Aki Hamaji / Hobunsha, Aniplex


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