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PS5 Slim’s Digital Edition Gets a Stealth Price Increase in USA

by Macky Briones

Sony has quietly increased the price of the PS5 Digital Edition with the release of the slimmer version of the console. The Digital Edition, which does not include a disc drive, will now cost $449.99, a $50 increase from its previous price of $399.99. This price bump comes as a surprise to many consumers who were expecting a more affordable option.

The Blu-ray model of the PS5, on the other hand, remains priced at $499.99. However, Sony has made the pricing confusing by offering a standalone vertical stand for $79.99. This means that purchasing the Digital Edition and the standalone vertical stand separately would cost a total of $529.98, making the bundle with the Blu-ray model a better deal at $499.99. While the pricing strategy may be a bit convoluted, the bottom line is that it will now be more expensive to buy the Digital Edition starting in November.

This increase in price has left many potential buyers questioning their decision to purchase the new model. With the original Digital Edition already being priced higher than its Blu-ray counterpart, this $50 increase feels like a significant jump. Consumers are left wondering if the additional cost is justified and whether it affects the value proposition of the console.

Sony has not provided a clear explanation for the price hike. It is possible that the company is trying to offset production costs or profit margins. However, the timing and lack of transparency surrounding the increase have left some consumers feeling frustrated and disappointed.

Many gamers opt for the Digital Edition to take advantage of the convenience and cost savings of digital downloads. However, this price increase blurs the line between the Digital Edition and the Blu-ray model, making the latter a more appealing choice for some consumers. The decision to increase the price also seems to contradict the trend of offering more affordable digital-only options in the gaming industry.

It remains to be seen whether this price increase will affect the sales and popularity of the PS5 Digital Edition. Sony may face backlash from consumers who were expecting a more affordable option and may now reconsider their purchase. Only time will tell how this stealth price increase will impact the future of the PS5 Digital Edition.

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