Samsung Enters the Metaverse: New Wilder World Partnership Opens Doors to Web3!

In a major leap towards the fusion of traditional consumer electronics with the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Samsung has entered a strategic partnership with Wilder World, marking a significant foray into the realm of Web3 technologies while aiming to protect its user base from the inherent volatility of digital assets. This collaboration is set to provide NFT rewards to fifteen lucky customers who purchase Samsung’s exclusive Web3 TV bundle, effectively merging the worlds of high-tech electronics with burgeoning digital ecosystems.

Wilder World, known for its immersive, free-to-roam metaverse ecosystem that features competitive racing games, has taken a significant step by partnering with tech giant Samsung. The collaboration was officially announced on X, propelling Wilder World into a new era of integration with traditional consumer electronics, augmented by cutting-edge digital experiences.

As part of an innovative sales strategy for its Web3 TV bundles, Samsung will be engaging its customers by offering exclusive Wilder World NFTs to fifteen purchasers. This move not only serves as an incentive for Samsung’s consumer base but also broadens the reach of Wilder World, extending its digital playground to millions of households through Samsung’s highly acclaimed smart television platform. By leveraging Samsung’s vast network of users, Wilder World is poised to introduce its metaverse ecosystem to new players, enriching its community.

Samsung’s journey into the realm of Web3 technologies is reflective of its commitment to remain at the forefront of digital advancements. Integrating metaverse elements and NFTs into its products, the company is keen on tapping into a younger, tech-savvy demographic. With a dominant presence in the global television market — boasting a 30.1 percent market share in 2023 — Samsung is ideally positioned to bring Web3 innovations to an extensive, diverse audience.

This collaboration with Wilder World is not Samsung’s first venture into Web3-oriented projects. Earlier in April 2023, Samsung partnered with to facilitate asset trading services on selected devices from its Galaxy Z fold series, marking its initial foray into cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Additionally, its previous alliances with Theta Labs and Nifty Gateway in 2022 laid the groundwork for NFT integration within its smart TV and smartphone offerings, further exemplifying its commitment to Web3 integration.

Pioneering the integration of Web3 within the consumer electronics sector, Samsung unveiled the world’s first TV-based NFT explorer in 2022. This innovation has been further enhanced by the introduction of smart TV models equipped with NFT purchasing and management features. These developments underscore Samsung’s dedication to establishing itself as a leader in Web3 integration, offering its users direct access to the growing NFT market from the comfort of their living rooms, thereby reshaping the interaction between traditional electronics consumers and the novel digital ecosystem.


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