Samsung Galaxy S24 Deals Boost AI Edge: Grab Yours Now!

Samsung has intensified its marketing efforts for the Galaxy S24 range since its release in late January 2024, employing a mix of online and print campaigns alongside a surge in special promotions, discounts, and bundle deals for its three flagship models. The aggressive strategy seems to be paying off, as evidenced by the Galaxy S24 series outperforming its predecessors in terms of global sales, according to Counterpoint Research. Notably, sales have seen a significant increase in specific regions, including a 28 percent rise in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, a 14 percent uptick in the US, and a 22 percent surge in Samsung’s home territory of South Korea.

The commencement of sales came with a variety of attractive offers aimed at pushing the S24 handsets to consumers. At launch, Samsung enticed buyers with exclusive colors for pre-orders, complimentary upgrades to higher storage models, as well as free Galaxy Buds and discounts on Galaxy Wear smartwatches. Additionally, lucrative trade-in deals surfaced across numerous retailers and network providers, presenting up to $1,000 for selected models on Samsung’s website or via certain networks.

Other enticing bundle deals included free Galaxy S24 or S24 Plus phones upon purchasing a new Neo QLED television and complimentary Galaxy Tab S6 Lite tablets or a one-year Disney+ subscription with the purchase of an S24 device. Amidst the competitive consumer tech milieu, Samsung’s flagship smartphones are seizing a golden opportunity to dominate the AI smartphone market, an emerging domain where sales leadership could significantly influence the dialogue surrounding smartphone AI functionalities.

Despite not being the inaugural AI Smartphone — a title Google’s Pixel and Pixel 8 Pro initially claimed — the Galaxy S24 has quickly ascended to best-seller status within this category, underscoring Samsung’s effective investment in AI as a pivotal aspect of its market strategy. This maneuver places Samsung at the forefront of the AI smartphone conversation, ahead of competitors like Apple which, despite its significant presence in the smartphone market, will only be able to introduce AI features into its iPhone line in September 2024.

This strategic lead gives Samsung a considerable advantage in shaping consumer perceptions and expectations around mobile AI technology. By compellingly showcasing the Galaxy S24’s AI capabilities, Samsung not only bolsters this model’s market position but also enhances its overall brand image in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, where AI is heralded as the next significant breakthrough. Through such ambitious marketing and promotional efforts, Samsung underscores its commitment to offering value for its customers while solidifying its long-standing position in the global smartphone market.


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