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SATO Corp’s February 2024 Bitcoin Update: Revolutionizing Digital Currency!

by Ali Guerra

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – March 6, 2024) – SATO Technologies Corp. (TSXV: SATO) (OTCQB: CCPUF) (“SATO”), a leading Bitcoin computing enterprise, emphasizing renewable energy utilization, shared its production metrics and operational achievements for February 2024. The report highlights significant strides in Bitcoin production and energy efficiency, underscoring SATO’s commitment to sustainable practices in the cryptocurrency mining landscape.

During the reported month, SATO observed an 8.8% growth in the network hashrate, an essential indicator of the company’s computing power and the overall security of the Bitcoin network. Despite participating in a load-shedding agreement with Hydro Joliette, leading to 10.65 hours of reduced operation, the impact was minimal—accounting for only about 1.53% of its monthly operational hours. This demonstrates SATO’s resilience and operational efficiency in maintaining robust mining activities while adhering to energy conservation efforts.

SATO’s data provides a comprehensive view of its operational status, with key metrics for February 2024 reflecting stability and growth. The total installed hashrate capacity remained consistent at 0.54 Exahashes per second (EH/s) when compared to previous months, showcasing sustained operational capabilities. In terms of Bitcoin earned, SATO reported a collection of 26 BTC in February, a slight decrease from January’s 31 BTC and December’s 38 BTC. This variation is attributed to the fluctuating dynamics of global mining efforts and Bitcoin’s market behavior.

Mining revenue also saw a shift, with February bringing in $1,280,174, down from $1,345,475 in January, and $1,619,186 in December. This dip reflects the volatile nature of cryptocurrency values and the competitive landscape of Bitcoin mining. Despite this, SATO’s focus on efficiency and renewable energy sources positions it well within the sector, offering a sustainable approach to capturing value from Bitcoin mining activities.

The company’s strategic management of BTC assets is evident in its report, with 52 BTC held in reserves, an increase from January’s 49 BTC and significantly higher than December’s 40 BTC. The value of these holdings, combined with SATO’s cash position, presents a robust financial standing, totaling $4,368,203 in combined assets as of February’s end.

Moreover, SATO’s commitment to energy efficiency is highlighted in the detailed breakdown of Bitcoin production per Exahash and the all-in electricity cost per BTC. These indicators not only demonstrate the company’s effectiveness in managing operational costs but also its dedication to sustainable, environmentally conscious mining practices.

SATO Technologies Corp., since its founding in 2017, has positioned itself as a forward-thinking player in the Bitcoin mining industry, diversifying its focus to potentially include computing services for High Power Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and blockchain layer-2 solutions. With its shares listed on TSXV (SATO) and OTCQB (CCPUF), the company encourages stakeholders to delve into the details of its operational achievements and strategic direction as it continues to explore growth opportunities within the digital asset and computing power domains.

For any further inquiries or additional information, stakeholders and interested parties are welcome to contact SATO’s CEO and Chairman, Romain Nouzareth, at their convenience. SATO remains committed to transparency, operational excellence, and the ongoing exploration of opportunities that align with its vision for sustainable and profitable growth in the digital asset sector.


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