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The creator of Apollo for Reddit has moved onto smaller and weirder things

by Macky Briones

Christian Selig, the developer behind the popular Reddit app Apollo, may have moved on from the project, but he’s certainly not letting that slow him down. Selig has shifted his focus to his new app, Pixel Pals, and it seems to be paying off. Since shutting down Apollo due to the potential costs associated with Reddit’s usage-based API pricing, Selig has poured his energy into Pixel Pals, an app that takes advantage of various iOS features in creative and delightful ways.

One of the notable features of Pixel Pals is Language Pal, a language-learning widget that recently launched for free. With Language Pal, users can practice vocabulary in 10 different languages, including the humorously named “Canadian,” through a guessing game widget right on their homescreens. This widget is just one example of the many innovative and useful widgets offered by Pixel Pals.

In addition to language learning, Pixel Pals includes more traditional widgets like calendars, clocks, and battery percentages. Users can also enjoy a Tamagotchi-like virtual pet game where they can care for adorable pixel animals. The app even offers games like the popular 2048, playable right on the widget (although it can be a bit finicky). And there’s more to come; Selig plans to release a trivia widget called “Trivia Pal” by October 27th.

The best part about Pixel Pals? It’s completely free. Users don’t have to spend a dime to access the majority of the app’s features. However, Selig has found clever ways to monetize the app. Users have the option to purchase virtual food for their pixel friends using real money, and there’s also a premium subscription available for $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year. Subscribers gain access to additional pixel animals and other exclusive content.

Since its launch, Pixel Pals has been a huge success for Selig. In fact, he claims that it was already performing well even before he shut down Apollo. “Pixel Pals does weirdly well,” he says. “Even when Apollo was at its peak, Pixel Pals accounted for about 40 percent of my overall revenue, and it has only grown since then now that I can dedicate more time to it.” Selig predicts that Pixel Pals could reach close to $1 million in annual recurring revenue by the end of the year, surpassing even the success of Apollo.

Christian Selig’s transition from Apollo to Pixel Pals has proven to be a smart move. With its innovative widgets, language-learning capabilities, and engaging virtual pet game, Pixel Pals has captured the attention and wallets of users. It’s clear that Selig’s talent for creating user-friendly and enjoyable apps has not waned, and he has found a new niche in the crowded world of iOS apps. As Pixel Pals continues to evolve and grow, it will be exciting to see what other surprises Selig has in store for us.

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