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Top 12 Apple Arcade Hits of 2024: Ultimate Gaming on iPhone, iPad & Mac!

by Renato Bond

Apple Arcade continues to be a frontrunner in the gaming subscription service market, offering an eclectic and ever-expanding library of games for iOS users. With a roster that now boasts around 200 titles, the service, costing $4.99 a month, provides incredible value by including big-name franchises like Monster Hunter and innovative titles from developers such as PlatinumGames. It’s noteworthy that while Apple Arcade’s subscription model draws parallels with Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra, it stands out by making its games accessible on Mac, iPhone, and iPad, marking a significant departure from the usual PC and console game offerings.

The vast array of options on Apple Arcade often leads to the paradox of choice for users, who might find it challenging to decide on their next download. However, the year 2024 looks promising with an array of titles that are too good to pass up. From engaging adventures like “What The Golf?” known for its unconventional take on golf, to memorable experiences such as “Bleak Sword,” which offers a gritty 8-bit throwback with vibes reminiscent of Dark Souls and Undertale, the platform is ripe with varied gaming experiences. Another notable mention is “Beyond Blue,” a game that immerses players into an underwater exploration akin to living through a David Attenborough documentary.

For puzzle enthusiasts and strategic minds, “Grindstone” presents an addictive color-matching puzzler draped in a charming yet challenging monster-slaying exterior. Meanwhile, “Monster Hunter Stories” introduces a fresh twist to the Monster Hunting formula by focusing on taming and raising monsters instead of slaying them, offering the entire first game that was initially released on the Nintendo 3DS. An experience that blends music with gameplay, “Sayonara Wild Hearts” promises a short but unforgettable adventure teeming with stylish visuals and incredible music.

“Oceanhorn 2” showcases significant improvements over its predecessor, drawing inspiration from “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and providing a similar experience on Apple Arcade. For those in search of a more relaxing pace, “Assemble with Care” offers a gentle puzzle-solving experience revolving around repairing cherished items, utilizing the touchscreen in creative ways. “Hitchhiker” delves into mystery, casting the player as a hitchhiker with an enigmatic destination, engaging with drivers to unravel the protagonist’s purpose and identity.

“Fantasian” from Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Mistwalker studio carries a lot of “Final Fantasy” DNA with a unique twist through the use of dioramas for backgrounds, alongside excellent turn-based combat. Then there’s “World of Demons” by PlatinumGames, filled with stylish action and a stunning cel-shaded art style, which looks spectacular on newer Apple devices. Additionally, “Gris+” offers a visually stunning adventure that’s like an interactive painting, playable on the Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade promises an exciting lineup for 2024, ensuring there’s something for everyone—from action-packed adventures and strategic puzzles to immersive narratives and visually stunning explorations. With the platform constantly evolving and adding new titles, it remains a premier choice for gamers looking for quality and versatility in their gaming experiences. Whether you’re into gripping RPGs, relaxing puzzles, or action-filled adventures, Apple Arcade’s diverse catalog guarantees you’ll find something to love.


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