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Under Pressure: New Podcast Series Tackles Global Survival Strategies

by Ali Guerra

In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements and equally significant global challenges, Charles Sturt University has launched a groundbreaking podcast series titled ‘Global Pressures.’ This series aims to delve into the critical pressures and challenges faced by various sectors, revealing innovative solutions and adaptations required to overcome them. The podcast is a rich compilation of insights from experts and students across five crucial industries: IT/artificial intelligence, agriculture, social work, law and justice, and paramedicine.

Each episode of the Global Pressures podcast series is a testament to the university’s dedication to fostering discussions that pave the way for future advancements and societal improvements. Course Director and Senior Lecturer in Computing, Dr Jason Howarth, sheds light on the transformative potential of artificial intelligence and the technological strides being made. However, he also issues a cautionary note on the dual-edged nature of these advancements, acknowledging the potential risks while highlighting the benefits they bring to our lives.

The series doesn’t shy away from addressing the social dimensions of global pressures. Dr Bernadette Moorhead, a Senior Lecturer in Social Work, emphasizes the essential role of social workers in supporting communities through crises, ranging from natural disasters to the ongoing cost-of-living and housing crises. The podcast gives voice to the silent warriors who operate in domains as diverse as counseling and end-of-life care, underscoring the innovative approaches being adopted to extend their helping hands to those in need.

Agriculture, a sector at the forefront of feeding and clothing the world, is also a focal point of the series. Dr Shawn McGrath discusses the critical importance of biosecurity in the agricultural industry and how Australia’s geographic isolation serves as a natural defense against diseases. However, he warns of the constant vigilance required to avert biosecurity threats, sharing insights into how technology, such as RFID tags for livestock, is being harnessed to enhance efficiency and preparedness on farms.

The podcast series also illuminates the evolving landscape of paramedicine, as explained by Ms Tania Johnston, who speaks on the broader scope of practice and the increasing demands placed on paramedics. She discusses the challenge of maintaining mental health within the profession, a critical component for ensuring paramedics can continue to provide the best possible care to the public.

Moreover, the series brings to light the imperative of including First Nations perspectives in lawmaking and environmental sustainability. Ms Haley McEwen, Senior Lecturer and Discipline Lead for Law, articulates how Indigenous knowledge of the natural world is crucial to addressing climate change and promoting sustainable practices.

‘Global Pressures’ is available for listening on various platforms, offering a comprehensive view of the ways in which these essential sectors are confronting and adapting to the demands of our rapidly changing world. The podcast series not only showcases the innovative solutions being employed across these fields but also serves as a call to action, inspiring listeners to understand and engage with the global pressures that impact us all.


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