Unleash Mayhem: First Big ‘No Rest for the Wicked’ Update Rolls Out Fixes & Upgrades!

As the gaming community braces for the upcoming season updates to major RPG titans like Diablo 4 and Last Epoch, a dark horse has emerged in the form of No Rest for the Wicked. Developed by Moon Studios, known for the acclaimed Ori series, this dark fantasy action RPG has piqued interest with its unique combination of methodical combat inspired by heavy hitters like Dark Souls and Elden Ring. Upon its release, No Rest for the Wicked quickly garnered attention, peaking at 36,276 concurrent players on Steam—a significant achievement that surpasses even Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Despite a rocky start with performance issues and a lack of key features leading to a 59% Steam review score, subsequent updates have rejuvenated the game’s reception, propelling it to a healthier 78% user rating.

Eager to address the community’s feedback, Moon Studios has now rolled out its first comprehensive early access patch. This update significantly boosts CPU and GPU performance, particularly in traversal and high-load areas, and introduces much-requested features like keyboard control remapping and a new mouse and keyboard control scheme. Players can now enjoy increased inventory stacks, easier access to chest inventory at vendors and crafting stations, and stamina-based bow attacks. The update also paves the way for early housing access with the introduction of a new home available for purchase after completing the ‘Sacrament’ quest. Furthermore, the patch brings quality-of-life enhancements, including improved inventory sorting and direct storage access for crafting and vendor transactions, alongside 45+ bug fixes addressing various aspects of the gameplay experience.

In terms of game balance and mechanics, bows now consume stamina instead of focus for attacks, staves have seen a reduction in power through nerfs to attribute scaling, and players can discover four new tier three armor sets. Additionally, the storage capacity of all chests and cupboards has been expanded, with cupboards now able to store ingredients. These changes are part of Moon Studios’ commitment to refining the game based on player input, with plans for future updates to include menu key rebinding and controller rebinding options.

The enthusiasm from Moon Studios in iterating on No Rest for the Wicked based on community feedback is evident. Co-founder Thomas Mahler has expressed the studio’s dedication to developing the game into the best possible version it can be with the help of player insights. While it’s still early days, the initial and ongoing response from both the developers and the community shows promise for the game’s future.

For those awaiting the perfect moment to dive into No Rest for the Wicked, or seeking alternatives in the meantime, the gaming landscape is rich with options. From soul-crushing adventures akin to the Souls series to more traditional ARPGs reminiscent of Diablo, there’s no shortage of immersive experiences to explore. As Moon Studios continues to polish and enhance No Rest for the Wicked, the ARPG genre is proving to be as robust and evolving as ever, offering something for every type of adventurer.


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