Upgrade Your Ride: Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto for $100

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are pretty great for all manner of reasons. There’s the safety aspect of not having to touch your phone to answer calls and play music, and that’s really just the start. But nobody wants to buy a new car just to get either solution, and adding an aftermarket head unit can be costly. Thankfully, there’s a cheaper option and it comes with a 9-inch display that you can add to your dash and wirelessly connect your phone to. This system would normally cost around $180, it’s yours today for just $100 at StackSocial. The website says this deal is going to expire soon, so keep that in mind when planning your order.

You’ll get a large high-resolution touchscreen display, so you can quickly and easily interact with your apps. There’s support for stereo audio output and it’s compatible with all models of vehicle, too. Connectivity is taken care of with Bluetooth, AUX and FM transmissions supported while a real-time GPS and mirror link function rounds out the main features. There’s even support for a 1080p reversing camera, too, though the camera hardware will need to be acquired separately.

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Still not convinced? Above and beyond CarPlay and Android Auto support, this kit even works with Apple AirPlay for streaming content from YouTube and more. Just make sure to do it when you’re not driving for obvious reasons.

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Source: Add Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto to Your Vehicle for Just $100

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