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X’s latest calling feature is a threat to your privacy. Here’s how you can disable it.

by Macky Briones

Headline: Elon Musk’s X App Launches Audio and Video Calling Feature with Privacy Risks

In his quest to transform the Twitter app into X, Elon Musk has introduced audio and video calling feature on X. However, this new feature comes with privacy risks as it leaks the user’s IP address and can be confusing to navigate.

Last week, X’s official news account announced the launch of the new feature, enabling audio and video calling for all users. Users can now make calls within the X app, both on iOS and Android.

The calling feature is enabled by default, and calls are peer-to-peer, exposing the IP addresses of both parties involved. While IP addresses may not seem sensitive, they can reveal a user’s location and online activity, posing a risk for some users.

To address privacy concerns, users can enable the “Enhanced call privacy” setting in X’s Message settings to mask their IP address. However, X does not mention encryption in its official help center page, raising questions about the security of calls on the platform.

In light of these privacy risks, it is recommended to disable the calling feature completely. For users who choose to use it, understanding the settings and limitations is crucial to safeguard privacy.

TechCrunch conducted tests to analyze the calling feature’s functionality, highlighting potential privacy implications. The network analysis revealed that X’s calling feature utilizes Periscope, Twitter’s discontinued livestreaming service, creating a unique calling experience.

Ultimately, the decision to use X’s calling feature lies with the users, who can opt to adjust settings or disable the feature to mitigate privacy concerns. Stay tuned for further updates on X’s communication features.

[Carly Page and Jagmeet Singh contributed to this report.]


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