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Apple Fined $2 Billion as Europe Sides With Spotify

by Macky Briones

Apple Fined $2 Billion by European Commission Over Spotify Dispute

The ongoing battle between Apple and Spotify has reached a new level, with the European Commission imposing a hefty $2 billion fine on the iPhone maker. The fine comes after Spotify filed a complaint in 2019, accusing Apple of unfair trading conditions and high fees for developers listing their apps in the App Store.

The European Commission agreed with Spotify’s complaint, stating that Apple’s restrictions on app developers led to higher prices for music streaming subscriptions for iOS users. Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s competition chief, described Apple’s actions as an abuse of its dominant position in the market.

Apple has pledged to appeal the decision, claiming that the EU has not provided credible evidence of consumer harm. The $2 billion fine is far larger than expected and is one of the biggest fines ever issued by the EU against a tech company.

Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek, has been vocal about Apple’s business tactics and has become a spokesperson for European app developers who feel their complaints are finally being heard. In a video posted on X, Ek described Apple as a threat to the open internet and accused the tech giant of trying to dictate the user experience on iPhones.

The fine marks a significant development in the ongoing feud between Apple and Spotify, highlighting the challenges faced by tech companies in a highly competitive market. The outcome of Apple’s appeal will be closely watched by industry experts and consumers alike.


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