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ChatGPT has the capability to vocalize its responses.

by Macky Briones

OpenAI Introduces Read Aloud Feature for ChatGPT

OpenAI has unveiled a new Read Aloud feature for ChatGPT that can prove useful for users on the go. The feature allows ChatGPT to read its responses out loud in one of five voice options, making it convenient for users to listen to the answers. It is now accessible on the web version of ChatGPT as well as the iOS and Android ChatGPT apps.

The Read Aloud feature is capable of speaking in 37 languages and can automatically detect the language of the text it is reading. This feature is available for both GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 models, showcasing OpenAI’s prowess in multimodal capabilities. This development comes shortly after a rival company, Anthropic, integrated similar features into its AI models.

Earlier this year, ChatGPT introduced a voice chat feature in September 2023, allowing users to interact with the chatbot through voice prompts. The addition of the Read Aloud feature now enables users to have written answers read out loud by ChatGPT, giving them the option to set up the chatbot to respond verbally to prompts.

For mobile users, tapping and holding the text opens the Read Aloud player, where they can play, pause, or rewind the audio. In the web version, a speaker icon appears below the text for easy access to the Read Aloud feature.


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