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Gravity Rush 2 Potentially Coming To PC, Rumors Suggest

by Macky Briones

Breaking News: Gravity Rush 2 Remaster Rumored to be in Development for PS5 and PC

Exciting news for fans of the Gravity Rush franchise as rumors swirl about a potential remaster of Gravity Rush 2 for the PS5 and PC. The popular action-adventure game, which first launched seven years ago, might be making a comeback thanks to recent leaks.

According to reports from the Gravity Rush modding community, a user named Orangee claimed that a remaster of Gravity Rush 2 is currently in development. Orangee, who has a history of accurate leaks related to the franchise, has hinted that fans can expect an official announcement in May. The PC version of the game is said to be released at a later date than the PS5 version, following a similar release cadence to other Sony first-party titles.

Developed by Team Gravity within Japan Studio, Gravity Rush originally debuted on the PS Vita in 2012. The game follows the adventures of Kat, a gravity-controlling heroine, as players manipulate gravity to navigate environments and battle enemies. Known for its unique gameplay mechanics and lovable characters, Gravity Rush quickly garnered a dedicated fan base.

With the possibility of a Gravity Rush 2 remaster on the horizon and a Gravity Rush movie in production, fans of the franchise have plenty to look forward to. Could this resurgence lead to the long-awaited release of Gravity Rush 3? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development in the world of gaming.

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