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Switch Emulator Developers Will Shut Down and Pay $2.4 Million to Nintendo

by Macky Briones

Nintendo Shuts Down Yuzu Emulator, Developers Agree to Pay $2.4 Million in Lawsuit Settlement

In a recent turn of events, Nintendo has successfully shut down the Yuzu emulator and its support of Citra, another free and open-source emulator for Nintendo’s 3DS. The developers behind Yuzu, Tropic Haze, have agreed to pay Nintendo a sum of $2.4 million as part of a lawsuit settlement.

The legal battle between Nintendo and the developers of Yuzu concluded with the shutdown of the website yuzu-emu.org and a legal prohibition on creating anything similar in the future. Tropic Haze, the company behind Yuzu and Citra, released a statement on Monday confirming the discontinuation of both projects, citing their initial intentions of creating the emulators out of a passion for Nintendo and its games.

The court ruling against Yuzu highlighted the involvement of piracy and theft in enabling greater access to Nintendo’s games, leading to the decision to shut down the emulators. The code repositories for Yuzu and Citra have already been removed from Github, signaling the end of both projects.

Users in the subreddit r/yuzu have rushed to download and save the latest versions of Yuzu before they are permanently deleted. The news of the shutdown has sparked farewell messages from over 86,000 subreddit members, mourning the loss of the beloved platform.

Nintendo’s crackdown on Yuzu comes as no surprise, as the company has a history of taking legal action against video game pirates. Yuzu’s admins admitted that the emulator was used to circumvent Nintendo’s copyright protections and leak game content before official release, further supporting Nintendo’s case against the developers.

The closure of Yuzu and Citra follows a familiar narrative of video game pirates facing legal consequences for their actions. Just last month, Gary Bowser, a notorious video game pirate, shared his struggles with debt after a legal battle with Nintendo, emphasizing the company’s relentless pursuit of large-scale offenders in the gaming industry.

The demise of Yuzu marks a significant victory for Nintendo in its ongoing efforts to combat video game piracy and protect its intellectual property rights. As the emulator landscape evolves, it remains to be seen how other actors will navigate the legal challenges posed by companies like Nintendo in the future.

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