Shure ventures into the wireless lavalier microphone market

In recent years, consumer lapel mics have become a popular trend in the world of consumer electronics. Previously, lavalier microphones were mainly used by professional film crews, but now there are affordable options available for capturing high-quality two-way conversations.

One of the most trusted audio brands, Shure, has entered the competition with their new product, MoveMic. This Chicago-based audio manufacturer, with nearly 100 years of experience, is known for producing top-notch microphones across various industries.

The MoveMic is set to be tested at the Modex convention in Atlanta next week, where its performance in noisy environments and potential wireless interference will be evaluated. Priced at $249 for a single clip-on microphone, the system offers various options including a pair of mics with a receiver for $499.

While the MoveMic can pair directly with a phone, the receiver is necessary for connecting to cameras, computers, and non-Shure apps. Currently, the system can handle two mics at a time, with the potential for future expansion. One feature lacking in the MoveMic compared to competitors like DJI is the ability to plug a wired lav mic directly into the clip-on for more versatility.

Overall, the consumer lapel mic category has seen growth with the entry of Shure’s MoveMic, offering consumers more options for capturing high-quality audio in various settings.


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