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The revolution of video media: OpenAI’s Sora and ElevenLabs leading the way

by Macky Briones

In a significant development in the entertainment industry, the evolution of video and audio entertainment has come a long way from bards and roving entertainers to fixed plays supplemented by radio theater. The primary evening entertainment transitioned from black and white TV to color TV, with the advent of technology like CRT-based TVs to flat-screen 4K and potential 8K TVs.

Content on TV has also evolved from live shows to taped shows and computer-generated imagery. Despite the advancements, some still prefer using sets over CGI to create a grittier image, as seen in the upcoming “Beetlejuice” movie sequel.

The most significant change on the horizon is the move towards AI-generated content. Two technologies, OpenAI’s Sora and ElevenLabs’ AI voice generator, have emerged in beta, creating realistic videos without sound and generating lifelike audio, respectively. This advancement puts us on the brink of production-quality video content without the need for traditional production crews.

Looking into the future, AI-generated content will likely be used extensively by individuals and upstart studios, leading to a shift in how most content is produced. User-driven content will also become more prevalent, with AI enabling users to create unique and personalized content.

As technology continues to evolve, the merging of AI with efforts to help people create lucid dreams could revolutionize content creation even further. This blend of technologies could allow individuals to share dreams, complete them, and turn them into AI-driven video content.

Overall, the future of entertainment post-AI is expected to offer more content choices, open up content creation to a wider audience, and blur the lines between traditional video content and video games. While some may resist these changes, those who adapt and monetize this transformation are likely to thrive in the evolving entertainment landscape.

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